Something Leopard.
Considering that fashionistas regularly attest to leopard being a neutral in their wardrobes, the pattern is unsurprisingly a mainstay in many fashion lovers homes, whether on pillows or even as a statement couch. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the print with other prints in your home, and think of a leopard addition into your interior space like you would putting together an outfit that included the print.

My closet…


76925f13d31d6602f067d4e3c7aa64a69189b672d6ff743aef9f65610606f41abc39ebd19b18af80b7a91d51b2a578f36eb66e5d38a31187bd4184ee5fa1dee414b659d1a0465acc5726ce1878baa622dad2eeba4e3a01c470b99dd15e5859cc226afdf69c90627f5d13d15f1363176bHave fun with this beautiful print grrrrr…

Do you have this print in your home or your closet or both ?





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