Did you know that your home will sell from Internet 85% of your potential buyers shop on the Internet first!

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“Staging is the best investment you can make when selling your home.”
For best impression, you should “Stage” your home before it’s even listed on the market and mls photos are taken!
Staging costs less than reducing your asking price.
Why drop you’re price by the thousands when you can
 Stage it, List it, and Sell it!
When you decide to stage/redesign your house for the resale market, you gain a huge marketing advantage over other homes for sale. So, what sets your house apart ?
Why should someone buy it and not another one down the street ?
Staging is all about first impressions!
Most potential buyers spend just 3-4 minutes walking through homes.
You need to make those moments memorable and profitable!
Some of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for sale are quick and easy. Buyers look at everything!
They truly imagine themselves living in your property. Paying special attention to your living areas will give your property noticeable results.
Rule no.1
De-cluttered the house 
Hide your personal stuff and deep clean it !!!
Don’t forget your basement and garage.
Open up the curtains let the sunshine in, make your homes smell good, feel good and look like a dream home !
Home Staging will help you sell your home!
Source: My photos
Source: My photos
Before / After
Before /Staging
Services I provide
Interior Stylist / Real Estate Staging
(Rental Furniture Available).
Services in English / Français
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