It’s a known interior styling rule that a sofa looks bare without it’s cushion’s.  A whole room can be changed instantaneously by the presence of cushions. Different textures, patterns and colours can really lift up a whole room and add personality to a living space.

The same can be said with the bedroom. The arrangement of pillows and cushions on top of your bed can turn it into a relaxing retreat. But how do you arrange cushions on a bed, and how many is too many?

Retreat to the bedroom with the right arrangement of cushions.

This pictorial offers a balanced style of placing the cushions if you like a symmetrical look. European cushions add instant luxury to a bed and can rest against the bedhead. Place your sleeping pillows in front, and then a square cushion followed by a decorative rectangular cushion. There are 7 pillows placed on this bed.

Image Source: This pictorial show how to place cushions in a symmetrical style.

However you decide to arrange the cushions on your bed, have fun with the placement but keep in mind your sanity. If you’re one that doesn’t like fuss, less is more for you.

To update the look in your bedroom, why not swap cushions from your living room and vice versa? If you’re a cushion junkie, it might curb your spending if you change the look by using cushions that you already have.

How many cushions do you have on your bed? Do you prefer a messy look or symmetrical style?

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